Building the H.M.S. Bounty
The Artesania Latina Wood Kit

I will soon be adding the "Building the Titanic" to this site. The wood kit by Amati along with several new
features so please check back soon and drop me an email to see how things are coming along.

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Welcome to my site where I will hopefully give some great information on building the H.M.S. Bounty wood kit by Artesania Latina. The intent on this site is to not only chronicle the building of this kit but to provide great information on building any wooden ship kit on the market. I've been building wooden ships for about twelve years and find it very rewarding. Even though my wife thinks I'm crazy for having so much patience, I really enjoy it. There's nothing more rewarding than working on a wooden ship for two weeks and after seeking praise from the wife she says "did you do anything" or "what's different"?