Building the H.M.S. Bounty

Step By Step

10 - 12

Step 10:
This is a really interesting step. I made a few errors in this step so let me help you avoid them. First, make sure you cut the heads off the nails or use smaller ones. Once the walls are in place this can't be done. Also, make sure you carefully measure and frame up the door. The door calls for 3mm but I think this is way to thick and makes the door look unrealistically large once it's to late and glued into the ship like I did. Take my word for this and measure very carefully and step back in look at it in relation to the ship. I will need to dream up some miraculous way to defy gravity and all sense of conventional practice to fix it on my ship as it is way in there and in a tight corner. Click the picture below and you will be able to see what I mean. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

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Step 11:
This box is pretty straight forward, just measure carefully and make sure it's to scale before you resin it in place.

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Step 12:
This is the same as steps 3 and 6 but after it's all in place you may want to line another planking strip along the underside of the deck where the two half's come together. That way you can apply a little resin for a tight fit and it will cover up the obvious line in case some smarty looks up underneath it and sees the line and claims it looks unrealistic. Keep in mind, most people will look at the ship it's in a case and simply marvel at it's complexity and move on but soon enough you will get someone so impressed they will study it very intensely and closely so the fine details are important.

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