Building the H.M.S. Bounty

Step By Step


Step 4:
Now we move on to step 4 which is basicly more of the same. Get a little crafty with Pillar Chocks 31 and keep you timbers to a very precise measurement for Deck Beams 24 - 30. I'd definatly use digital calipers if you have them.

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Step 5:
Onward and upward. Don't forget not to glue the Mizzen Step 43 and 44 even though it's view will be partially obstructed we want the Mizzen Mast to fall directy on the center and that can only be measured once all the decks are in place and we can insert the Mizzen Mast through all the decks and see where it falls.

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Step 6:
More fun with the decks. Refer back to step 3 for info about laying down the decks as this is basicaly the same.

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