Building the H.M.S. Bounty

Step By Step


On the morning of April 28th, 1789, led by Masters Mate Fletcher Christian, twelve crewmembers staged the now famous mutiny, capturing the ship, and setting Lt. Bligh and his supporters adrift at sea in the ship's launch. Since then some 2,000 articles, books, 5 major motion pictures, and numerous shorter documentary films have looked into virtually every aspect of this mutiny, undeniably one of the most famous sea stories of all time. And now we can recreate a nearly 100% accurate reproduction of this world famous ship, the H.M.S. Bounty.

Sso this is where we start. Building the Bounty will probably take well over 1000 hours to complete but I think the final product will be well worth it. The links below will lead to the different steps found in the color instruction book included with the kit.

Steps 1 - 3

Steps 4 - 6

Steps 7 - 9

Steps 10 - 12