Building the H.M.S. Bounty




Cyanoacrylate also know as Superglue is a great tool for building ships but you have to be really careful in its applications. It will almost always show up on the wood as a darker shinny spot and will often develop a white haze either right away or over several years time. My H.M.S. Endeavor that I build in the early 90's was almost completely built with CA and it now looks horrible up close. Nobody notices it because of the way I display the ship but it's defiantly noticeable when you look closely. I didn't know any better at the time and when I build the ship there was no sign of white haze or anything. Fortunately, a good coat of stain will usually cover up the white imperfections and the Endeavor was never stained so a fresh coating should take care of the problem.

however, when I'm joining two pieces of wood together it's ok to dab a little CA just to hold it while your resin sets. Just be careful not to let them mix. I use an accelerator agent that makes CA cure instantly and I would defiantly recommend that. I know your thinking that CA sets quickly but it's just not strong enough for at least 2 or 4 minutes and an accelerator it'll cure instantly. You can buy this at most hobby shops. In fact, my accelerator comes in a spray bottle and it completely saturates my work area and stinks pretty bad so I just unscrew the sprayer and let a drop hit the glue area from the tip of the pick-up tube on the sprayer. works great. O' and don't forget the extra CA tips because it's almost impossible to keep the tip unclogged. The best ideas I use for that is either a piece of clay wrapped around the tip (not pressed as to get clay "in" the tip but wrapped around it in order to avoid that) or a needle stuck through a small piece of wood about 5 mm square. Just use your mini hand drill to drill through the wood piece and glue the needle through it and make sure the butt of the needle can't fit through the hole. That's the method that I find works the best.