Building the H.M.S. Bounty




The best glue I've found by far for ship building is Aliphatic Resin or Woodworkers glue. Now you have to be careful when buying resin because some brands are more yellow than others. One example of a brand that must be avoided is Great Planes because it will dry and leave a heavy yellow stain. You will soon find out that once resin dries to wood it will become the strongest part of the wood and not let go. I find that resin holds much stronger than Cyanoacrylate (super glue) to wood once it's dry and doesn't leave the white residue. However I will often use a combination of CA and resin when gluing some parts together because the CA will allow the part to stick fast so I don't have to hold it all day and the resin will allow for the longtime hold that I'm looking for. After testing several brands of resin I've found that SIG-BOND works the best and dries very clear. I find SIG at the local hobby shop because it's also very popular with the RC airplane guys because it's light and permanent. I bought a small bottle that's easy to handle and a large one to do refills off of. I even used my mini hand drill to drill a small hole in the top of the applicator so I could get a tiny hole that's smooth and round for applications.

Aliphatic Resin


Cyanoacrylate with Accelerator and extra tips